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How To Use Your Million Dollar Bills For Fun or Profit!

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Dear Friend and soon to be Multi-Millionaire:

Hello! My name is Michael and I designed this Million Dollar Bill years ago to use in my business.

I use these almost every single day of my life. Why?

  1. Number One: Because these make me money. No matter how many different ways I use these (29 Examples below) I always seem to get more sales easier. And...
  2. Number Two: I use these Million Dollar Bills every day because these are just plain fun to give to people. It doesn't matter what type of person you give these to, you're guaranteed to put a smile on their face and maybe make a friend or customer for life.

And when you see how inexpensive these are, I haven't found anything better for meeting new people, getting more customers, and making new friends than my Million Dollar Bill.

One other thing about my Million Dollar Bills: I'm always amazed at the million different ways people use them.

You can use these to promote ANY business or simply give them to family, friends, complete strangers, etc. You will ALWAYS put a smile on peoples face when you give them these Millions.

Here are just a few of the ways you can use these:

(If you have a business and want to hear some unique ideas to use these for YOUR business, call me at 800-353-8067.)

  1. #1: Give these out in Birthday Cards. Who wouldn't like getting a Million bucks on their birthday?

    On someone's Birthday you can write in their card, "A Million Wishes for YOU on your Birthday," or "You're One In A Million!"
  2. #2: Give to waiters and waitresses with your tip. Guaranteed to put a smile on their faces!!!
  3. #3: Give these out as your business card. You can put a sticker or a label on the back of the Bill with your marketing message and hand these out to everyone you meet. I guarantee people will hang onto your "Million Dollar Business Card." Most business cards, once exchanged, never see the light of day ever again. These Million Dollar Business cards not only get held onto but get prominently displayed.
  4. #4: Go ahead and put a few in the church collection plate... and remember to say Thanks A Million during worship!!!
  5. #5: If you see a good looking girl or guy and you want to leave a good first impression, give a million bucks. (Don't forget to write your name and phone number on the back of the Bill.)
  6. #6: Use in Thank-You cards. You can easily say "Thanks A Million" to people you meet. You can write "Thanks A Million for your time today."

    You can say "Thanks A Million" for your referrals. You can even give people a Million Dollar Bill with a label BEFORE they give you any business just to nudge them toward giving you some referrals, or at least start them thinking about it. Most people don't do enough to generate referrals and this is one way you can automatically get more for pennies.
  7. #7: Carry a few Million with you at all times in your wallet or purse and every time you open it up you'll see your millions there. It's fun to see, but more importantly, I believe it subconsciously helps you achieve more freedom and wealth in your life.
  8. #8: Another fun thing to do is to put these in your checkbook. Every time you open your checkbook you will be reminded of your millions in the bank! (And the bank teller will get a kick out of your Millions too.)
  9. #9: Put these in your car's glove box so everywhere you go you can share your Millions.

    The reason I put them in the glove box is because if I am pulled over by the police, when I go to the glove box for my "papers", I always make sure a few Million Dollars spill forward. This always puts a smile on the cop's face and changes the tone of the situation. I believe it's one reason I get as many "warnings" as I do. Of course, I always give the good cop ten or twenty Million for the warning!!!
  10. #10: Take these to reunions and hand them out to everyone. These work great at High School and College reunions, family reunions, group or association functions of all kinds.
  11. #11: You can use these as a tool at speaking functions. If you like to speak in front of groups of people (and even if you don't) you can usually find a way to sneak these into your presentation to put a smile on everyone's face. Tape them under their chair ahead of the meeting and at the end of your talk you can have everyone stand up to get their Million while you are thanking them for listening. It's an automatic standing ovation tool!!!
  12. #12: This one I don't advise because it is dangerous, but it's too funny not to share. If ever you're being chased by the police on the freeway and you want to totally confuse the traffic behind you, start throwing Millions out the window. It totally screws up traffic. Why did I share this devious technique for outrunning the "Man" with you? Because someone did this once with my Millions . . . in Detroit I think!!
  13. #13: Are you a Network Marketer? Me too. I use these all the time. These are a great way to meet ALL KINDS OF NEW PEOPLE. Call me at 800-353-8067 and I'll share some unique ideas that will work for you and your company.
  14. #14: Insurance Agents, Financial Planners, Real Estate Agents ALL have an automatic market for these. There are at least a dozen ways an agent of any kind can use these. You can use them for Birthdays, New Year's, Anniversary dates, etc.
  15. #15: Dentists, you can use these in your Thank You cards!
  16. #16: ANY small business can use these with their current customers to get more referrals. Simply put a label on the back of your Million Dollar Bill that says "Thanks A Million for your business and Your Referrals!" This is one hundred times better than doing what most people do to generate referrals. Which is absolutely nothing!
  17. #17: You don't like the idea of a label on your Million Dollar Bill? Call me at 800-353-8067 and I'll share a couple ideas on how you can personalize your own Millions.
  18. #18: Do you ever notice those FREE Drawings for lunches at restaurants? Stick a few Million in the fish bowl and see how many times you get drawn for a free meal.
  19. #19: Would you like to win more competitions? I'm not going to guarantee this next one, but I've heard it a few different times so it might be true. The next time you are in a contest or a competition, thank the judges with a Million Dollar Bill. I've had people say that all they did was give one to each of the judges and say Thanks A Million and they won. The people who shared this Million Dollar Secret with me wouldn't say the Million sealed the deal 100 percent but they ALL believed it couldn't have hurt their chances.
  20. #20: Would you like to run for office? Use these in your campaign. A few years ago I was mad as hell at the local politicians, and I wasn't going to take it anymore, so I decided to run for County Office. I had only lived in the area one and a half years and only lost by 26 votes. It sure as hell scared the political establishment when I almost won.

    However, I've shared this idea with many aspiring politicians and MANY have called me back to say they did win. Do we all believe the Million Dollar Bill was the reason? Not 100% but it sure as heck doesn't hurt to use them.

    In case you are wondering, here is what I had printed on the back of my Million Dollar Bill when I ran for office...
    Backside of million dollar bill that says 'Vote for Roth'
  21. #21: Carry a Billion Dollar Briefcase around and you have INSTANT leads EVERYWHERE you go. Depending on what you do for a living, you can use the Billion Dollar Briefcase idea to get leads anywhere, day or night! First, here's what it looks like... A metal briefcase stuffed with a billion dollars I've used this idea to generate leads in restaurants, parks, libraries, airplanes, trains, ships, parties, other peoples seminars. (There's dozens of free seminars every week in your area.)

    All you have to do is open up this "Portable Lead Machine" and usually the prospects come to you like a magnet attracted to steel!
  22. #22: Use the Billion Dollar Briefcase at ANY type of Trade Show or Convention. Call me and I'll share with you how you can use this Billion Dollar Idea in YOUR business. If you do trade shows or set up at conventions, you need to call me at 800-353-8067.
  23. #23: After you meet someone and you want to stay in touch with them, make sure you follow up with a Thanks A Million card AND a telephone call. One idea that is extremely effective and so subtle the prospect/suspect/contact—whatever you call them at this point—will never ever detect you are trying to influence them, is ....

    After you make the first contact with someone (with your Million of course) sit down and write out a "Thanks A Million" note or card, and WHILE YOU ARE DOING THAT, call them and say something like "Hi Bob, this is Michael. You probably don't remember who I am but I am the guy that gave you the Million Dollars the other day at ABC convention or trade show." Automatically they remember you and your Million and take a few moments to talk to you. Anyway, this is where you simply tell them you are sending them a little note and wanted to call first and say thanks a million again for their time. Make a little small talk, then hang up.

    Why do this? Because a proven truth in sales and marketing is most sales are made after several contacts. Most people quit way too soon. And when you call them to jog their memory of you and your Million Dollar Business card that you already gave them, AND then they get a card in the mail after your call, you've already make 3 contacts with them. If they are ever to become a customer you are already over half way there to making it happen.

    Remember, most sales are made after the 5th contact or more. So give people a call and remind them via the Million Dollar Bill who you are, so they'll be more inclined to call YOU when they need your product or service.

    I know this is a long drawn out example but it is powerful! Try it!!!!
  24. #24: Do you have something the masses need or want? The next time you see a long line of people, go to the front of the line and start handing out Millions all of the way to the back of the line. All you have to do is say "Here"!!!
  25. #25: Political activists, use these in your efforts. Here's an example of a Million Dollar Flyer I did for Ron Paul!!!
    Back side of a million dollar bill with information about Ron Paul for PresidentBack side of a million dollar bill with information about Ron Paul for President

    (Custom print of a Million Dollar bill)

  26. #26: Do you want to get your foot in the door with some top prospect or business person?

    Mail them the Billion Dollar Briefcase pictured above, with a small tape recorder and give them your best 60 second presentation. I've never failed to get an appointment with someone doing this, whether on the phone or in person. Mailing someone a Billion Dollar Briefcase is the surest fastest way to see if you and your prospect have the potential to do business together. I know people who try months and even years to get to see someone and this technique blows right through all resistance. (Before you try this technique, call me because there are some VERY IMPORTANT things you have to do before you start mailing people Billion Dollar Briefcases.)
  27. #27: One thing I've done over the years that has resulted in sales is to include a few Million Dollar Bills in every bill I pay by mail. Imagine the person at the power company whose job it is to open envelopes and process bills, and they get your Million Dollar Bill. If you offer something they could use, you could get the business. Best thing is, a lot of times they pay your postage to do this too!!!
  28. #28: If you just got married and you are mailing people cards, it's a good idea to say thanks a Million for their gift and give them a few Million.
  29. #29: You can give the Million Dollar Bills to kids (kids absolutely love these) and tell them not to worry, their college education is now taken care of. I always do this within earshot of the parents, they get a kick out of hearing this too!!!

I could go on and on and on about all of the different ways you can use these. You get the idea though. If you want to ask me any other specific questions, call or email me
(m r o t h a 1 at america on line) and I'll see if my Millions will help you.

What makes us think our Million Dollar Bills are better looking than others offered on the internet?

Look around for yourself. If you find something better looking, or better looking and cheaper too, get it. But I doubt you'll get a better looking Million Dollar Bill anywhere, especially as low priced as mine.

For example, here's someone selling collector edition Million Dollar bills for $25 each—in quantity! That's too expensive to hand out as a marketing tool. Mine are only 29 cents each for the same quantity, and mine cost even less if you buy more.

How do I sell my Million Dollar Bills?

You can get any quantity you want, from 1 to many millions. (Call me for special pricing.)

Generally they come in bundles of one hundred and they look like this...

A photo of stacks of million dollar bills. $100 million and a billion dollars.

1 Stack = $100 Million

10 Stacks = 1,000 Million Dollar Bills = 1 Billion Dollars

I individually hand wrap and glue a really great looking Money Band around each 100 Million, just like real money. This keeps your Millions nice and neat and easy to count too.

How much are my Million Dollar Bills?

The price per Bill depends on how many you get. The more you get the lower the price per Bill.

You can get 10,000 Million Dollar Bills for only $499 (INCLUDES shipping and handling too!)
5000 Million Dollar Bills are only $399
2000 Million Dollar Bills are only $199
1000 Million (or a BILLION to you and me) is only $149
500 Million is only $99
And 100 Million Dollars is only $29

How much is shipping and handling?

Shipping and handling are FREE!!! (To addresses in the United States.) I NEVER charge for shipping and handling. (That's how others on the internet make more money off you.)

To get your Million Dollar Bills you can order two different ways:

  1. #1: Call me at 800-353-8067. You can talk to me personally and I can take your order over the phone with a credit card. I prefer this way as I like to talk with people and it's the fastest way for you to get your Millions.
  2. #2: Or you can mail me:

    Michael Roth
    PO BOX 422
    Quartzsite, AZ 85346.


    Sometimes I can't read your handwriting so if you mail me, PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER so I can contact you if I need to. Or for any other reason that might come up. I will never SELL OR SHARE YOUR INFORMATION with anyone. EVER!!!

Just so you know, the title "Million Dollar Bill" here has nothing to do with the song by Whitney Houston with the same name.

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